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Announcement for the upcoming show on Max 1st Live in Seoul – THE INTIMATE AF TOUR

Greetings, from Live Nation Korea.


We would like to thank the fans whom purchased tickets for Max 1st live in Seoul – THE INTIMATE AF TOUR.

Please be aware that due to an unforeseen scheduling conflict with the artist, the show has been postponed again from Jan 13th (Mon), 2020 to Jan 14th (Tue), 2020.

We are regret to inform you with frequent date changes of the show. Artist also sent a message that he is really feel sorry on this changes and he will be repay on your understanding with his performance during the show.

For those whom wish to obtain a refund due to postponed show date, a 100% full refund is available on your ticket purchase. For those unaffected by the postponed date, you are eligible to enter the show with your current entry number.


[Refund Process]

If you wish to obtain a refund, please leave your cancellation inquiry at ‘Global Melon Ticket > Help > Inquiry > 1:1 Inquiry’ between November 27th (Wed) to December 2nd (Tue).

‘100% full refund is only available during “November 27
th (Wed) to December 2nd (Tue)”, and any refunds that occur after December 3rd (Wed) will be done so with the cancellation fee applied. For those who wants a full refund, please submit your refund during the time period mentioned above. 

-Payment for the show was only allowed via Credit / Debit / Kakao pay, a full refund will include ticket shipping cost.
-Refund may take 5 to 15 days, upon cancellation approval from your card company.

*For any enquiries about the refund process, please contact Melon Ticket customer service. Cancellation fee does not apply shall you complete the refund process yourself. 


[Melon Ticket Customer Service]

1899-0042, Weekday / Weekend Hour: 09:00 ~18:00


Doors: TBD

Age Restrictions: 13+


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