[Learn How to grab your ticket through Live Nation Pre-Sale ! ]

Date : 22/01/19

[Learn How to grab your ticket through Live Nation Pre-Sale]

Step 1 

Access (If your language is not Korean, don’t forget to switch your page as English)

Pleas click ‘log-in / Register’ button right above the page, then type your ID (e-mail address) and PW (password) to log in

(If you don’t have any account, please register your email address, it will only take you less than 2 minute!)


Step 2

Access to artist page

Please click banner on main page or search for the artist, and click “Find Out More” button.

Then click “Buy Ticket” button to final step of your ticket purchase.

“But Ticket” button will be valid for those who signed up Live Nation Korea and already logged in right before the ticketing starts.


Step 4

If you clicked “Buy Ticket” link, you will be transfer to ticketing website.

You must log in ticketing website in order to purchase pre-sale ticket.


Step 5

“Buy Ticket” button at ticketing website will be valid from ticket open time. 

Ticket open time may different based on the artist, please check the announcement posting. 

*[IMPORTANT] For your Live Nation Pre-Sale!


1.When you are joining Live Nation, please complete “e-mail verification step” in order to finish your registration. If you are having trouble to join on explore, please use google chrome. 

2.In order to purchase Live Nation Pre-Sale, you must have a Yes24, Interpark ID and MUST logged in before the ticketing. 

3.There may be a high traffic on the website just right before the ticketing starts, please join ahead of time :)

4. When you register to Live Nation Korea website
   1) At least 1 upper case letter required.
   2) At least 1 number is required
   3) Password requires at least 6 words

[Ticketing  / Payment]

1.Limitation of purchase ticket can be different based on the show. Please check the announcement ahead of time. 

2.Only ’Debit / Credit” card is available for Live Nation Pre-Sale